Thursday, December 29, 2011

"I apologize for the delay, and we will be on our way shortly!"


Ok, so I have completely and entirely neglected the blog for the last long while. But with another trip pending, it is time to catch you up on the past 8 months.

Here are the cliffs notes:

Rio was cool. We stayed there for a week. We toured the favelas, went to a football game and had an amazing night out with some American Air Force guys.
Favela in Rio

With a rockstar hangover, we jumped on a plane bound for Belize. We stayed there and laid on the amazing tropical Caribbean beaches for a couple of weeks, until the outrageous cost of food got the best of us (a box of triscuits cost $7...SEVEN DOLLARS).

THE $7 crackers
I headed back to Canada land with the saddest tanned face you ever saw.

Sadly back earlier than expected, I spent a couple weeks at home before I needed to get out of there. The Lake was calling me. I returned to my steady summer job a little early , in beautiful Lake of the Woods.

As always, the summer flew by.  Working 16 hour shifts, drinking wine under the light of a million stars, watching the sun rise and set, fishing, tubing and boating around the lake, taking on more responsibility than I knew I could handle and the summer was gone in a flash!

The end of summer always means the beginning of a new travel adventure. This year I decided to stay and work in the woods until Christmas. For the first time in my life, I spent the hours of 8 - 5 in an office. In a chair. In front of a computer. With a phone and my fake chipper voice urging you to leave a message. I’m not going to lie, at first it was hard…to sit down all day. I eventually got used to it and here we are now.

In 11 days I jump on a plane to complete a dream, a goal, a mission; that when we first joked about, I never dreamed it would become a reality. But here we are…I’M GOING TO ASIA!!!!!

Stay tuned for more details!

Join me as I TRAVEL MY LIFE AWAY!!!!!!!!!