Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wawa Where???

                   Ok here we go!! It´s travel time again....finally!!!!!

In order to save a few hundred bucks, I made the brilliant descion to fly out of Newark, New Jersey. The price of my ticket was less than half if I had flown out of middle of nowhere Winnipeg. Plus, as an added bonus, I could spend a couple of days in New York City!!!! I got a bus ticket for $109 and although the 40 hours on the bus wasn´t going to be pleasant, the extra $400 bucks in my pocket was worth it!!

Or so I thought.................

I left at 10 pm and the first night on the bus flew by.  I managed to sleep all night and well into the afternoon. Then the snow started...and kept on. There was talk of highway closures. But our bus just kept on going. We arrived in the tiny town of Wawa, Ontario at about 3 pm. The highway was closed and we could go no further. We waited on the bus for a few hours in hopes that the highway would open up soon. Still no deal. We drove to the local pub for something to eat and killed a couple more hours. Alas, at 9 pm, after 6 hours of waiting, we were told that the highways would not re open until the next morning. The bus driver drove us to a local motel and told us we could get a room, or stay on the bus for the night. Already the bus had that dirty, too many people stench to it, so another night was going to be hell. I had travel insurance, so I figured that would cover the cost of the hotel room. Sixty seven dollars later, after a shower and stretched out on the bed, I settled in with a Friends marathon and laughed at all those suckers stuck on the bus!

I woke up early the next morning, paranoid the bus was going to leave without me. Nope...the desk clerk informed me that we might be there til 3 pm.............. ugh!!!!!!!!! I was supposed to be in Toronto hours ago!!! Luckily at 10 am the highways opened up again, and we were finally back on the road!.

I arrived in Toronto at 11pm, when I should have been there at 5 am!! Luck was on my side this time, and there was a 1130 bus to New York City. Another 12 hours, and finally I was there!!!!!!!

Hello New York City!!!!! With the 40 hour bus ride turning into 65 hours, I only had 1 day in the Big Apple. I didn´t get to do everything I wanted, but there will be time when I return in May.
I took the subway to Time Square and wandered around with all the other tourists. I went to Rockerfeller Center, but missed the Christmas tree for a few days. Then I wandered around Central Park for hours. I can´t wait to go back in May when the trees are green and I can get to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and see a Broadway play. New York, New York I will be back!!!!!!

Pictures coming soon!

Join me as I TRAVEL MY LIFE AWAY!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have to admit I'm giggling at the thought of you on the bus ride from hell! If only you knew! You are a trooper! I LOVE NEW YORK (That's why I named my daughter after that city!)